About Us

 Our History

For over sixty years Mofra Shoes s.r.l., licensee and producer of, has been a solid reality in the field of footwear production for men, women and children.


We are in Puglia, in Barletta, the place that saw the birth and growth of this reality between tradition and innovation.

Made in Italy, quality, meticulous attention to every detail and attention to the customer are the elements that characterize the sneakers produced by our company.


In 2009, this great attention to the product, the passion for their work, the determination and a constant study of the market, the brand was born, fruit of the ideas of the twins Pasquale and Giuseppe Morgese.



is for everyone: for those who love the quality of a soft and versatile sneaker in genuine leather, which adds to every outfit a unique and recognizable touch without sacrificing comfort. 









All the sneakers are completely MADE IN ITALY, with a unique appeal given by an attractive design and excellent quality of the materials used (Italian leather and accessories entirely handmade).


Our team consists of master craftsmen who manually perform one or more technical, stylistic and productive aspects:
from blanking to assembly, from trims to packaging.
This allows our company to create a truly handmade product.