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Our history

For over sixty years Mofra Shoes s.r.l., producer of 2Star, has been a solid reality in the sector of high-level men's, women's and children's footwear production in the Apulian territory. Made in Italy, quality, originality and meticulous attention to detail are the elements that characterize the footwear produced by our company. In 2009, from this great attention to the product and the care of the customer's needs, the 2Star brand was born, the result of the creativity of the two brothers Pasquale and Giuseppe Morgese.

2Star is the symbol of a generation that is always on the move, attentive to current trends and constantly evolving. All 2Star sneakers are MADE IN ITALY, they have a unique appeal given by an attractive design and the excellent quality of the materials used, such as genuine leather and handmade accessories.